Monday, 21 January 2008

~new stamps!!! woohoo!!!~

iiiiiiiik!!!!!! Tulin äsken kaupungista kotiin ja ovella odotti kaksi pakettia. Ensimmäinen oli (VIHDOINKIN) pitkään odottamani joulupaketti äidiltä (suklaata.. nam nam nam!) ja toisessa taas tuli myöskin innolla odottamani Elzybells leimasimet. kääk! iik!! Ne on ihania!!! Tuo arkki leimasimien alla on A4 kokoa eli leimasimet ovat tosi reilunkokoisia! ja IKI-IHANIA!!! Nyt pitää alkaa kaikkien ostelemaan näitä kun minä olen jo kyllästynyt näkemään vain Magnolia kortteja. hihii! :) Eipä silti, sieviä ne kyllä aina on :).

Eeeeeeeek!!! I just got home from the city and I had two packages waiting at the door. the first one was xmas package from my mom.. thank goodness it finally arrived. yummy chocs!! yippee!! And the other package... eeeeeeek! My Elzybells stamps. eeek! Aren't they just GORGEOUS? The sheet underneath is an SU normal size (8,5x11??) sheet, so you can see that the stamps are pretty big. wow! i am so impressed and I just love all of them. Can't wait to play. I also got two new copic colours, so I can finally do shading. Yippee! Good day :). Anyway, i think that everyone should start buying these stamps now as I am getting bored with seeing just Magnolia cards. Well, actually they are always really pretty *smile*.


  1. Mitenihania leimaisimia olet ssanut!! Voi kun odotan innolla uusia kortteja sinulta!! =) Voi...suomalaista suklaata.... mmmm

  2. So good that you write in both finnish and english. Then I can practice my finnish a little :) Really nice stams!

  3. I love it when I get mail :). It always brings a great smile to my face. Cant' wait to see the pretty cards you make with them. I probably won't get the chance to work with the Elzybells. I have so many stamps from so many different companies that I don't want to start expanding into to many new lines *sigh*. Ok, and my budjet can't afford to many more stamps. Just to let you know I use a mix of brush and aquapen. For reinkers I use both depending on how much control over water flow I want. If I want to be carefull then i use brush ( artist quality). If I want more of a wash (lots of water) then I use Aquapen. I'll be back soon to hopefully see the lovely cards you are hard at work making *hint, hint*

  4. Looks like your going to have some fun lol!


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