Thursday, 20 March 2008

~my new happy cab stamp~

Tänään tuli postissa Michellen piirtämä Happy Cab leimasin. Ihastuin siihen heti kun sen näin ja pitihän se tietenkin ostaa. hihii! Jotenkin oli kuitenkin vaikea saada tehtyä kortti, mutta tällainen siitä sitten loppujen lopuksi tuli :).

Today I received a Happy Cab stamp designed by lovely Michelle. When I first saw it, I thought it was sooo cute and I knew I would have to get it sooner or later :). I struggled a bit with getting a card done (I always find it difficult at first after a break), but here is the end result. :).


  1. Hauska leima ja kaunis kortti :o)

  2. That card is really really cool Laura! It's definitely one of my favourites :) I think it's really funky and it appeals to me a *lot*

  3. Ohmigosh...yay!! Love how you used the stamp!! What a super-cute card! =)

  4. Always great to get a card! Hope you get your vacation soon, at least before you melt!

  5. OMGosh how cute!! I love that little cab. I might have to get one for myself. Love your work :)

  6. This is how you used the loves me paper.


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