Saturday, 31 May 2008

~why do I need to take a break from paper shopping?~

.. no, tämän takia. Hyvänen aika! Paperia on kyllä tullut kerättyä ehkä ihan liikaa.. huokaus. Laatikkoon ei enää edes mahdu enempää paperia! Ainiin... tuossa nuo valkoiset... ne on kaikki Basic Greytä. käääääääääääääääk!!! Minäkö hamsteri? en suinkaan. hih! Nyt olisi kyllä parempi alkaa paperilakkoon siihen saakka että tämä laatikko on ainakin puolityhjä. En edes muista että mitä papereita minulla on!!! Voi hitsi... ohops.. minun piti pysyä poissa blogista. No, pakko pitää välillä taukoa maileista.

.. because of this. Goodness me! Look at that. I think someone has been hamstering some paper. eeek! But to tell the truth, this is ridiculous! I so want to start using these away before buying anything new. I don't remember even half of the papers in this box. I think that I should stay from buying new paper until this box is at least half empty. it is going to be sooo hard *sigh*.


  1. Jee, mie saan ostaa lisää ku ei mulla oo ku about puolet tuosta määrästä.. :) Tai en ehkä uskalla laittaa kaikkia päällekkäin, että totuus paljastuis.. :D

  2. oh my goodness......that is a lot of paper.....yes...some serious serious evidence of hamstering. I have an inch and a half of paper....and that's after replenishing as I had less than 20 sheets of paper when I got back from holidays in Feb. LOL I find an inch and a half daunting. Yes, you need to start using your paper!! The next time that Southern Kids Cross Camp needs 6x6 layouts....make a big stack for them....use up heaps of your paper and for a very very good cause!! That is of course if you are only stuck with using your papers....just a little suggestion.

  3. LOL - Laura you are as bad as Leigh!! She loves paper too, although I reckon you might take the cake with that collection!!

    HOLY COW!!


  4. Looks niiiiice - makes me wanna flip through it and have a scrappy night! *giggles*

  5. Go through it, keep all the first impressions. Go through it again, keep all the ones you were on the fence about. Put the rest up on ebay...flat rate shipping worldwide. Someone will buy it!

  6. Wow, and I thought I was bad lol. I have tons of gorgeous papers too. I always buy my favorite in multiples. Then have a heck of a time using it because I don't want to waste or worse run out. It probably can go under an addiction.
    Hope you have better luck than me in not buying more till you use more!

  7. haha!! You're just as bad as I am!

    I'm totally addicted to paper. Papers make me happy!

    But hey - be proud of it, sister! There are a lot worse addictions out there, you know. ;)

    I'm just about to e-mail you...hope I'll be able to send it tonight!


  8. Oh! Tuohon pyritään!!

  9. No eihän nyt hätiä mitiä, ihania papereita kun ei voi koskaan olla liikaa *on vahvasti mieltä*

  10. Me vissiin ollaan kaksoset tai jotain.... ;o) Mun paperit ei lopu kesken vaikka tekisin tällä tahdilla kortteja seuraavat kymmenen vuotta :o)

  11. LOL - I guess we are all horders ;-)

  12. Hihii :) Ihana kasa!!


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