Thursday, 3 July 2008

~Goal updates~

#6 and #7. I started my strike on sugar and take away on June 20... so soon two weeks done! Woohoo!! The first week was so so so so so difficult and I was craving sugar all the time. The second week has been so much easier and I have quite enjoyed it! :) But honestly, I can't wait for this to be over. I am so in the mood for baking *LOL*. It has been fantastic to be without take away, too. I am slowly starting to get eager to cook again, which is fantastic! I really want to learn to cook well. I subscribed to several food blogs with great recipes, so I will be trying those ones :).
Jatta, sokerin sijasta olen syönyt mandariineja (täällä on nyt hyvä mandariinikausi), ja juonut appelsiinimehua ja vähän sokerimatonta mehuakin. En ole kyllä muistaakseni ikinä ollut näin pitkään ilman sokeria! :)

#14. Two cards for July are in the their envelopes and ready to leave tomorrow. Both are heading towards Finland :).

#21. I have booked the class and I am trying to gather all the materials for it now. Pretty excited about it as the album is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to have one of my own :).


  1. Heips ja huips, onnea matkaan! Olet jo alkanut! Alku on aina tosi hankala olla without sweet, vaan siihen tottuu. Syötkö hedelmiä?

  2. Kuulostaa huippuihanalta, että siellä on mandariinikausi, saat siis tuoreita hedelmiä! Voin vain unelmoida...maistuvatkohan ne erilaisilta kuin Suomeen tuodut?
    - Kuule hani, sinulla on Sokeri joka päivä elämässäsi!!! Se ihana karvakasa tuolissa :).
    Terkut teille.


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