Thursday, 24 July 2008

~thank you Arja~

Ihanaa!!!! Voi Arja että piristit päivääni!!! Sinun kortti on aivan ihana ja suuret kiitokset leimasinkuvistakin. Kovasti jo odotan että saan istua askartelupöydän ääreen ja väritellä :). +iso iso halaus+

Wonderful! My friend Arja sent me this loooovely card and some pretty stamped images for me to colour. These cheered me up sooo much! I can't wait to sit down and colour +big hug+.


  1. Super stuff! That's really nice of her to send you those :) Have fun with them! I know you'll make them look really great :)

  2. Cute card you received! New images are always fun!


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