Wednesday, 22 June 2011

~the beautiful new AmberInk torchbearer~

Oh yes, of course, it is ms.Ninarsku!!!! She was the perfect one to continue as the bronze team torch bearer! Yaaaaaaay!!!! I know she is going to do the most amazing job! Her cards are gorgeous. :) You must go check out the AmberInk blog and see the bios and baby photos of the new crew. Ninarsku looks so CUTE!!! eeeek!

Ja pari kuvaa eiliseltä kävelyreissulta:
and a couple of photos from my walk yesterday:


  1. YAY for bronze torchbearers, lavendar and long walks.

  2. Jippii!!!

    Ihania kuvia, minä en ole vieläkään saanut aikaseksi kuvata kukkia... huoh. ehkä nyt sitten viikonloppuna!


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